The General World of Jen

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I love the holidays. There’s a purpose behind them: once a year we have to slow down and look around. Whether or not you like what you see it’s a chance for reflection and, hopefully, gratitude. I visited with my cousin and her daughter (cute baby at left) to exchange presents this afternoon. I won’t… Read more »

The State of Hollywood

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Quick review of some of this years Oscar contenders: Atonement – a chick flick and kinda too long, but a story that haunts youNo Country for Old Men – I was disappointed by the end, but there were some great performances and the infamous weapon is like another characterCharlie Wilson’s War – a humorous (apparently… Read more »

Movie Love

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In honor of Valentine’s Day I thought I’d ignore the twelve steps and take a moment to discuss love in movies. Movies are largely responsible for our idea of what love should be, despite the fact that they’re rarely accurate to real life. The best example I’ve thus far seen is what I call the… Read more »

Oscar Schmoscar

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I know I haven’t written in awhile and it is a sad statement on my life that something as petty as the Academy Awards has driven me from my slumber, but there it is. First of all, I thought Jon Stewart did a great job as a host. He did appear to be nervous at… Read more »