Under the Weather

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Side effects. We’ve all had ‘em. You start a new drug or maybe a diet and BAM! – all of a sudden you’re dizzy or hungry or tired or have the ability to levitate. Ok, I haven’t seen any evidence of the last one but I don’t want to limit the discussion. The problem is,… Read more »

National Pride

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On a snowy morning in April, my Canadian-born mother and American-born father struggled through the final hours of labor. At 7:35am on April 5th, I was born in a small apartment in Belleville, a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For five years my family moved: in and out of three Canadian cities and two provinces,… Read more »

Fall Frolicking

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Well, I still feel bad about having dropped my class but there’s no doubt in my mind that was the solution for me. Things have been much easier without a class to worry about, although I do still owe my professor a project from the Spring. But I am good at procrastinating and having flexibility… Read more »

The Brain Bone is connected to the Mouth Bone

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I have lost the ability to communicate recently. It may have been going for sometime now but it’s reached epically bad proportions recently. Have you ever been thinking one thing but your mouth says something else? Today, while walking to get coffee with the new web guy (who will hopefully make my work life much… Read more »

Random Updates

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Progress EnergyApparently I wasn’t the only one with power problems in my area. Progress Energy came out and tore up the cables for everyone in my row of townhouses and then kindly put down grass seed in the area where I’d just finished killing the grass. On the plus side, my power hasn’t flickered in… Read more »

Be mine!

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Oh good it’s that Hallmark-hyped holiday again. Sweet Valentine’s Day, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways… Months of candy and hearts to remind us the day is coming The mass of crappy romantic movies on every channel for the entire week The kind inquiries by friends who suddenly remember you’re single… Read more »

Back in the saddle? What’s a saddle?

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Why don’t guys make the first move anymore? It may just be me, but it seems like an awful lot of hints- or more than hints- have to be dropped before anything happens. There used to be a mandate on these things. If it wasn’t a “Sadie Hawkins” thing (and who the hell was she… Read more »

Don’t drink and blog

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Yes. You really should not drink and blog. But you can edit your posts. Which makes it almost ok.

Movie Love

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In honor of Valentine’s Day I thought I’d ignore the twelve steps and take a moment to discuss love in movies. Movies are largely responsible for our idea of what love should be, despite the fact that they’re rarely accurate to real life. The best example I’ve thus far seen is what I call the… Read more »

I’d rather be single than settle

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An excerpt from a book by Jen Schefft ‘Better Single that Sorry’ explains perfectly how I feel about being single. Absolutely perfectly.Readers of this blog hear me complain, a lot, about being single, but this is where I come to do that complaining. I truly enjoy the lack of accountability, freedom and simplicity of being… Read more »