Geek Girls Unite

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I recently attended BarCampRDU for the first time. I’m not going to go into detail explaining the concept behind this event but in a few words it’s a tech-heavy un-conference that takes place annually in the Raleigh area. It was a great event. Circumstances being what they were I was only there for half of… Read more »

The Great iPhone Fix

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So yes, first of all I know it’s been FOREVER since I posted. I’m a bad person, I’ll never let it happen again, please still be my friend, etc. Now to the point. Once upon a time there was a very silly girl who liked beer and football. When you put these together, what do… Read more »

Consider me ignited, Raleigh

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Way to go Raleigh! Last night’s Ignite Raleigh event was a very entertaining blend of technology, entertainment and education. I could go on and on about the awesomeness of the event but let me try to keep things brief by highlighting a couple of particularly fantastic contributions… Everyone Needs a Dumb Guy Chris Moody (@cnmoody)… Read more »

National Pride

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On a snowy morning in April, my Canadian-born mother and American-born father struggled through the final hours of labor. At 7:35am on April 5th, I was born in a small apartment in Belleville, a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For five years my family moved: in and out of three Canadian cities and two provinces,… Read more »

Woot! More Blogs for me to Ignore!

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So I’ve actually been spending a lot of time with my blog lately, though you wouldn’t necessarily know it… To begin with you can see that this isn’t the same theme that was up here on my last post (sorry Evan Eckard… it really was a nice theme!). I’m easily bored and distracted by the… Read more »

We apologize for the disruption of service…

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What? You didn’t notice? Huh. Shocking. Yeah so I accidentally deleted my blog. All but the database that is. Naturally I had no back up, nor could I remember the WordPress theme I had so lovingly modified to my liking. So here we are with a new design (thank you Evan Eckard), though please don’t… Read more »

The Best Show You’re Not Watching

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Yes. You. Watch it. You won’t be sorry. Have I ever steered you wrong? My god, you remember EVERYTHING! But I’m right this time, I swear.

A Year of Twitter

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I have been so busy posting to my blog on a regular basis I belatedly realized that I have hit 1000 posts on Twitter! I guess my micro-blogging habit has really interfered with my regular blog updates (not that I was doing terribly well at blogging before the distraction of Twitter…). I spent some time… Read more »

Long Days

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I’m going to skip the guilt for not posting this time. For the record I did post, and a pretty good one at that, about a month ago. But seeing as it dealt with work, and in a pretty negative way, I decided it was neither the time nor place (yeah, censorship!) and took it… Read more »

The Mini Review

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So here we go: my well-overdue review of my Mac Mini entertainment center. A quick refresher: I bought a Mac Mini, the cheapest one ($599) that had baseline RAM, storage, no keyboard or mouse etc. My plan was to plug it into the nice TV and use Boxee, among other things, to contribute to my… Read more »